Love Being Wild

A creative outdoor company


Love Being Wild is a modern lifestyle brand inspired by nature and random adventures. We created our company to share our passion of making and creating with the world. Designing and creating our items in-house is at the heart of our business and we take pride in the work we do. We encourage all people to create and explore, and believe that the outdoors are for everyBODY. Our high quality and unique products are made with good vibes in the Reno/Tahoe area. We look forward to sharing our creative journey with you and are excited to see where this random adventure takes us. 

Our Founders

Ashley, Founder 

@lensdrugphotohigh and @hikeandbikeforall

Our main brain and daily operations manager, Ashley does a little bit of everything. She has Bachelor degree's in Recreation Administration and Public Health along with a Master's in Business Administration. She has worked for a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations and has professional experience in owning and operating a small business. Her passions include photography, the outdoors, painting, working out, cooking and the occasional rockhounding adventure. 

"I don't need to take on Everest, a long stroll through the Sierra's with my camera in hand is all I need to feel on top of the world"

~ Ashley, Founder


Tina, Founder


Our in-house master maker and guru of all things crafty. Tina is a United States Air Force Veteran. She has experience running scrapbook retreats, teaching craft classes and has created custom orders for a wide variety of clients. Her skills also include organizing and managing large events, working with non-profit organizations, advocating for Veterans and promoting diversity, equality and inclusion. Her passions include crafting, walking her dogs, baking, reading and traveling. 

"Being a maker and creating something every day keeps me balanced"

~ Tina, Founder


Collage of four different pictures featuring Love Being Wild Founders

Love Being Wild is proud to be a woman, Veteran, minority and LGBTQ+ owned business