Visiting Monkey Rock in Tahoe

Visiting Monkey Rock in Tahoe

Looking for amazing Lake Tahoe views that will take your breath away? Monkey rock is a great option. Located near Incline Village this relatively short hike leads up to an overlook that provides sweeping views of the lake. Some positives about this adventure is that it is easy to find, good for those limited on time and doesn't require lots of hiking. However, this hike does have some negatives too. It can be heavily trafficked and crowded during peak season (late spring to early fall), it's a pay to park situation (this varies throughout the year so make sure to check online before you go) and the trail does have a decent incline near the top. Some friendly tips to enjoy this hike include going before or after peak season, carpooling and planning ahead so that you can enjoy the cafe at the bottom of the trail (or a nice picnic lunch at the top). Good hiking shoes and poles for those who prefer them also make the hike a little more enjoyable. It's hard to beat this view for the distance and effort put in and I highly recommend adding this one to your Tahoe bucket list. 

BONUS: the trailhead shares parking with the paved East Shore Trail (which you could easily add to your day before or after hiking to Monkey Rock) and Tunnel Creek Cafe is a great post hike stop for a bite or beverage. 

Trail information can be found HERE

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Man standing on a hill next to a rock that looks like it has a monkey face with lake Tahoe in the background

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