Fall health and wellness tips

Fall health and wellness tips

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Fall is officially here! The leaves are changing colors, days getting shorter and pumpkin spice is everywhere. Autumn is a great time to check in on your health and prepare for the colder months that are just around the corner. Both your mental and physical health should be given some love and set up for success in the coming months. Giving yourself a head start and creating a plan for the months to come is a great way to stay healthy and happy. Let's dive into some of my favorite health and wellness tips for this time of year. 

Fall Health and Wellness

  • Get ready for daylights savings time - Plan your outdoor time ahead so that you make sure to get some daylight into your day
  • If you are not able to get direct sunlight everyday think about adding some extra Vitamin D to your diet 
  • Keep it clean - wash your hands, use disinfectants or similar cleaners on high use spaces and stay clear of people who are coughing or look to be sick
  • Pick up a hobby - with more indoor time coming it's a great idea to pick up a hobby or get back into one that you've neglected 
  • Feed yourself the good stuff - good nutrition is a wonderful way to stay happy and healthy this season (tip- get crazy and explore hearty soups, so many delicious options)
  • Keep that body moving - it's easy to want to cut back on exercising during fall and winter but don't! Your body needs to move and you will feel better if you keep up a solid workout routine year round. 
  • Get set with a schedule - having a regular schedule to follow is a great way to make sure you are getting in what you need to stay healthy. Plan for time outside, self-care, hobbies and getting enough sleep. Don't beat yourself up if you fumble your plan here and there (I do all the time) but get right back on it and keep moving forward. Planning my days has greatly helped me with things like exercising regularly, cooking healthy homemade meals, getting to bed at a decent hour and making sure to get some fresh air every day. 

Fall is awesome and there is something beautiful about this season. Maybe it's the fresh, crisp mornings or the creeping desire to eat warm soups and enjoy a good hot cider or two. It's a nice time to sit back and reflect on the year and plan  out what you want to accomplish in the remaining months. 

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